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Harmonious Inner Balance

Unlocking the Mysteries of Out-of-Body Experience and Astral Travel: Exploring Taoist Wisdom and Harmonious Inner Balance The techniques for experiencing “out-of-body” and astral travel are the subject of research by alchemists belonging to various esoteric philosophies and religions around the world, including Taoist philosophy. However, it is important to note that if a person is […]

TuiShou and Inner Harmony

TuiShou: Cultivating Mindfulness and Inner Harmony through Taoist Practices TuiShou, more than just a preparation for free combat, is a captivating and therapeutic practice that promotes well-being among QiGong practitioners. When performed correctly, it cultivates a multitude of skills while providing therapeutic benefits. During TuiShou, the body is gently massaged, and the spine harmoniously moves […]

Nature of TaiJiQuan

Discovering the Formless Nature of TaiJiQuan: Philosophical Principles and Unveiled Secrets What is the formless nature of TaiJiQuan? Does TaiJiQuan truly possess a mysterious force? Judging something we do not understand is a common action, and unfortunately, we often fall into the error of doing so. This can be attributed to our human nature and […]

Intuition and Connection

The Sixth Sense: The Intuition that Precedes the Future and the Universal Connection to Infinity Unlocking Intuition and Universal Connection: In life, there are moments when the meaning of what is happening around us goes beyond rationality and reveals itself through intuition. This sixth sense, which allows us to understand future events and establish a […]

Power of Lucid Dreams

Sleep: Portal to the Dream Experience and the Power of Lucid Dreams In the vast realm of dreams, where reality merges with imagination and the boundaries of being expand, lies a fascinating experience: lucid dreaming. For ancient cultures like those of primitive peoples, sleep was not just a moment of rest, but an opportunity to […]

Exploring Reality

Unveiling the Taoist Perspective and Practices Defining reality is a complex endeavor since each individual perceives it in a personalized way. One could say that reality is “what appears to be”: what we consider real is what we collectively agree upon. When nine out of ten people affirm a fact, it undoubtedly becomes real in […]

Tantra and TaiChi

Divine Union: Exploring the Path of Spiritual Union and Self-Transformation Tantra, a Sanskrit term meaning “loom” or “warp,” embodies the principles, essence, system, doctrine, and techniques for spiritual teachings and esoteric practices aimed at self-improvement and the pursuit of unity with the Divine, the Universe, or the Tao. Originating in Indian cultures, Tantra branched out […]

Power of Awareness

Navigating Truth and Instinct If everything we know is only partially “truly” true, can we trust what the men who are destroying this planet tell us as they exploit its resources to create “primitive” energy for us to buy? Are we really sure we possess a clear vision of reality? Is having a clear understanding […]

Unleashing Energy

Fali and Fajing: Unleashing Energy in Taoism and Internal Martial Arts In Taoism, sexual energy is regarded as a precious form of vital energy called “jin.” This concept emphasizes the importance of preserving and wisely channeling sexual energy to support both physical and mental health, as well as overall vitality and balance. Fali and Fajing […]

Astral Travel Exploration

Taoist Techniques and Inner Harmony Exploring techniques for “out-of-body experience” and astral travel is a field of research for alchemists belonging to various esoteric philosophies and religions worldwide, including Taoism. However, it is important to note that if a person is imbalanced and in disharmony with themselves, they will never be able to authentically and […]


Yiquan is a system of spiritual and energetic growth that, similar to taijiquan, focuses on understanding the harmonious movement of the body with spiritual energy and conscious intention. Unlike taijiquan, Yiquan doesn’t have a predetermined form to learn but is based on static positions and small slow movements, which enable the development of deep and […]

Power of the Human Body

Self-healing: Masaru Emoto’s Experiment: Dr. Emoto conducted a very interesting experiment. He placed rice in three glasses and filled them with water. Every day for a month, he said “thank you” to the first glass, “you’re stupid” to the second, and simply ignored the third… The effects on each glass were completely different. Dr. Emoto, […]