Tantra and TaiChi

Divine Union: Exploring the Path of Spiritual Union and Self-Transformation

Tantra, a Sanskrit term meaning “loom” or “warp,” embodies the principles, essence, system, doctrine, and techniques for spiritual teachings and esoteric practices aimed at self-improvement and the pursuit of unity with the Divine, the Universe, or the Tao.

Originating in Indian cultures, Tantra branched out into Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Bonpo religions. It spread to Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and is now also found in the Western world. While many schools emphasize its sexual pleasure aspect, promoting it as a means to prolong sexual intercourse or achieve conscious orgasm, Tantra encompasses much more.

According to Taoist tradition, Tai Chi (in this article, we’ll refer to Tai Chi instead of Tai Chi Chuan) represents Yin and Yang, the two supreme opposing polarities that originated from Wu, the beginning of All and, at the same time, All itself par excellence. Once the practitioner of Tai Chi purifies their being from external interferences and balances emotions generated by major organs such as the Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Stomach, and Liver, they can experience the difference and knowledge of Yin and Yang energies within themselves.

Only then, through the contemplation and understanding of Nei Jia Gong’s alchemy, can the practitioner venture beyond Tai Chi itself, pushing their self to the boundaries of existence and entering the realm of Wu, the All. Some refer to this phase as “enlightenment.”

In China, there exists a branch of Tantra called FangZhong Gong, which teaches sensitivity and opening of the chakras to spiritually connect with other existences, elements, and external forces such as trees and mountains. The climax is reached when one unites their masculine and feminine aspects, thus rediscovering the “Center” and “Awareness of the Pure and Perfect Soul.” However, before merging the internal opposing polarities, one must unite with the external opposing parts, learning to communicate with others and harmonize with the opposite sex to create Tai Chi, a perfect union of Yin and Yang, with the partner in a profound exchange beyond mere love.

FangZhong Gong, originating from Taoism, represents a kind of Indian Tantra that seeks to approach the philosophy of the union of opposites found in Tai Chi, both in the sexual and emotional realms.

FangZhong Gong trains the practices of semen retention. In males, there is no explosive orgasm with ejaculation but rather an implosive orgasm, where sexual energy is not dispersed but circulated within their own limbs. Typically, sexual intercourse is a limited experience, focused on the sexual organs, and short-lived, confined to a moment of physical pleasure. Through FangZhong Gong and Tantra, one can expand the perception of sexuality, transforming it into an experience where every cell in the body participates, where every part of the being is involved, and where time as we know it ceases to exist. With tantric orgasm, one reaches the perception of timelessness in non-action, an instinctive and primordial action not based on reasoning or rationality. These sexual techniques serve to deepen the spiritual quest through the expression of the most material sexual energy that the human body can manifest.

Tantric sexual activity is not just an animalistic act but a way of contemplating life by utilizing the greatest primordial force within the human body: the sexual energy of the first chakra. This energy is so potent that when used correctly, it can transform the entire consciousness of an individual. Some tantric masters claim that the universe itself was generated from a “cosmic orgasm.”

Sexual energy is transformed by Kundalini and the Microcosmic Orbit, which refine it by ascending it along the spine. The two bodies merge and become one, and the two orbits merge into a single microcosmic orbit, forming a unique body and being. There is no longer an “I” and a “you,” but a “we” experienced as “I.” The two individuals become one, and thoughts, experiences, and energies are exchanged, benefiting both practitioners. The consciousness of both allows for an exceptional quantum leap if they can control the primordial “beast,” the sexual energy that gives rise to an “orgasm of consciousness.” A life is created within life, and the “Supreme Polarity” becomes part of us.

This magical and divine union of the two opposing forces within the human universe is referred to as FangZhong Gong, the equivalent of Indian Tantra. Tantric sex is considered a sacred act that aims for the ultimate awareness of the individual.

It is said that Tantra originated approximately 4,000 years ago in the matriarchal society of Harappa, where there was a genuine culture of beauty and pleasure. The bed of the woman of the house was an important temple where she celebrated the act of love with the chosen man for this form of contemplation. During that time, sex was regarded as sacred, and the bed was placed in the living room, where everyone could see it without shame. Sexual relations were conscious and natural, devoid of prejudices or inhibitions. Bodies followed the primal instinct to satisfy the beast within and then let the spirit express its own genius, perfection, and elegance.

Indian Tantra is not distinct from other Hindu religious movements; it is also a path to liberation from the cycle of rebirth (Samsara) and the suffering inherent in being alive. Tantra is also utilized to achieve enlightenment.

It is believed that humans live in a universe emanated and constantly animated by supernatural forces. These forces can manifest their power in the form of obscuration, creating obstacles to salvation, or bestow grace, revealing paths to liberation. The more we fight battles against ourselves, awakening and understanding the meaning of being human, the more we connect with universal frequencies that provide the necessary information to continue our spiritual evolution, our “mission.”

The important aspect of connecting with specific energies is working on intention, both in prayer and Qigong practice. Intention is always paramount. The intention to improve attracts “universal forces” that can assist us. The saying “God helps those who help themselves” is quite fitting in this case because if we genuinely want to accomplish something successfully, we must begin with a positive intention to truly achieve it. If we sincerely believe and infuse awareness, positivity, and intentionality into what we do, we have a great chance of success.

An example of this principle can also be found in the Christian tale of Christmas, where Maria Rosa is saved through her positive intention. Maria Rosa intends to change for the better, not succumbing to the “Grinch” virus, a terrible virus affecting the villagers, rendering them insensitive. Their hearts harden to stone, and their brains turn into an abacus focused solely on business. In the fairy tale, the virus can be defeated by performing acts of generosity and drinking water from the “Mountain of Singing.” Maria Rosa eagerly awaits her fiancé, Joshua, who scales the mountain and battles the local giant to bring back the water to counter the cursed virus. It is their intention and will that save them. Maria Rosa is the only one in the village who faithfully waits for Joshuaand is thus saved.

It all resides within our minds. We can change the world by changing our minds through will and intention. Nothing is impossible if we genuinely believe we can achieve it.

The same applies to sexual intercourse! If the intention is solely to engage in frantic and animalistic sex as a means of releasing pent-up stress from the workweek, we will achieve certain results. However, if the intention is to have a complete union with the opposite sex, with a reciprocal exchange of Yin and Yang for pure spiritual growth for both partners, different outcomes will arise. It all depends on us, on what we truly desire. If we can tame the beast within us, we can reach immense spiritual levels through the mastery and alchemical transformation of sexual energy.

In the case of sexual energy, practitioners of internal Chinese martial arts or Qigong are capable of shifting conscious intention and energy within their own bodies through meridians, the pathways of “Qi,” creating true alchemy. The energy of the first chakra, linked to the earth and primal instincts, is elevated to the highest chakra, connected to the sky and the most spiritual aspect of human beings, through intention aided by the alchemical technique of FangZhong Gong.

Both Tantra and Tai Chi utilize intention, and both seek the fusion of Yin and Yang to reconnect with Wu, the All.

M. Davide DeSantis