SexTao Love and Orgasm

If you fall in love with a partner for the emotions they make you experience, it is not true love towards them. Love based on “give and take” is not genuine love (a speech unrelated to balance and reciprocal exchange of actions).

Self-introspection allows us to better understand our behavior towards others and to determine whether our actions are driven by the need for affection or a sincere desire to help. If our actions are motivated by the need for affection, it means we are not acting with genuine love towards the other person but rather doing so to fulfill our personal needs, using the other person. This will lead to the breakup of the relationship when we no longer need it because it no longer provides us with what we needed to feel good (speculation and emotional dependency).

Unconditional love, on the other hand, is not synonymous with emotional dependence or the need for affection. Unconditional love is a feeling that arises from deep self-acceptance and acceptance of others, without judgment or conditions. I am well, and I make others feel good thanks to my well-being. Period. There is no “if you don’t do what I expect from you, I feel bad,” which means “I need you to feel good” and translates into “you make me feel bad,” or “you have power over me.” If he has power over you, it’s only because you were already using him to feel better. However, you cannot control intense situations and emotions like an orgasm if you cannot control your primary feelings.

If you are a Taoist and you don’t engage in sex to elevate your spirit but instead are driven by lust, ego, erotic power, and carnal pleasure (becoming dependent on the sensations brought by a satisfying orgasm), it means you have strayed onto the “wrong path.” It may be okay for a brief period, but in the long run, you will burn yourself out if you USE and ABUSE your body for physical (biochemical) pleasure.

Sexuality can elevate spiritually as it represents an act of creation. Through sex, man and woman can create the miracle of life, and the man’s sperm is the beginning of creation. However, few understand that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate things. Men can have internal and multiple orgasms just like women. But detaching orgasm from ejaculation is a task that requires introspection and the study of the human body. Many people are unable to breathe properly and do not have control over their emotions. Managing breath and emotions is the first step to take if one wants to manage an orgasm.

Understanding that sexual energy is a force not to be repressed, as some restrictive religions do, but rather a highly dangerous force (that can move mountains and start wars), yet at the same time extraordinary if one can master and utilize it. In other words, instead of repressing it (the method of chastity) out of fear of not being able to handle it and fear that it might take control, we should focus on mastering it. If one does not want to bring a life into the world, it is possible to have orgasms without ejaculation. This allows a man to fuel his spirit with his own vital energy and have sex multiple times a day. But what is the risk? The risk is becoming addicted to sex, addicted to carnal pleasure, addicted to matter and the physical well-being that sex provides. So, instead of transcending emotions, the risk is becoming even more emotional and attached to emotions, dependent on the pleasure experienced during sex. This is the problem that anyone who has received skills from esoteric and meditative practices encounters when they “receive gifts,” meaning power can go to their heads. If one studies Kundalini or the microcosmic orbit for years with the purpose of transforming their energies, and then uses