Sex and vital energy

The relationship between sexual energy and spirituality has been studied in various spiritual traditions and ancient philosophies, such as yoga, tantra, and Taoism. According to these traditions, sexual energy is a form of vital energy that can be used for spiritual purposes and personal growth. To break free from the Matrix, a powerful spiritual and mental force is required. One can escape the “gravity” of the universe’s concentration only with the same power of the universe (knowing how it works and using it as fuel to go elsewhere).

In scientific terms, sexual energy can be considered as a form of physical and mental energy that is produced during sexual activity. This energy can be transformed and utilized in different ways, depending on culture and personal beliefs. From the first chakra, it can rise up to the last one like a serpent climbing a mountain to find a different “point of view” that offers new perspectives and different panoramas.

One of the most common ways in which sexual energy is associated with spirituality is through the practice of celibacy or chastity, as seen in Buddhist monasteries or Christian religious communities. In these practices, sexual energy is seen as a destructive force and attachment to the material world, hindering spiritual growth and enlightenment. However, repression and indifference are not always the correct path. In Taoism, the issue is addressed and one learns to control and use it to our benefit; everything that appears negative can be transformed into something positive. Sexual energy, which influences a person and their choices, is transformed in Taoism to fuel the chakras and other aspects such as spirit and intellect.

Sexual energy is seen as a means to achieve unity with the universe and divinity. This can be done through the practice of techniques such as sixth-level QiGong ZhanZhuang, which aims to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy through breath control and the use of NeiJiGong practices. Semen creates life. If you refrain from ejaculation but experience orgasms, you can retain this vital energy to empower your spirit.

In any case, the relationship between sexual energy and spirituality is complex and depends on personal beliefs and cultural practices. While some traditions view sexual energy as a destructive force, others see it as a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual transformation.