Unleashing Energy

Fali and Fajing: Unleashing Energy in Taoism and Internal Martial Arts

In Taoism, sexual energy is regarded as a precious form of vital energy called “jin.” This concept emphasizes the importance of preserving and wisely channeling sexual energy to support both physical and mental health, as well as overall vitality and balance.

Fali and Fajing are important concepts in internal martial arts, particularly in Taijiquan, which is strongly influenced by Taoist philosophy. Let’s delve into these terms in detail.

Fali refers to the explosion of energy obtained through the coordinated movement of the entire body, described as an “electric release of energy contained in the Dantian” – the Qi ocean located in the abdomen. In the practice of internal martial arts, the body draws strength by grounding with the earth and transferring this primal force through the legs, then manifesting it through the arms, hands, or a specific part of the body. Fali can be expressed not only through kicks, punches, elbows, and knees, but also through grappling, joint locks, and throws. It is an explosive strike that engages the whole body.

On the other hand, Fajing refers to the release or “emission” of Qi energy. The term “fa” means “to send out, to let out, to launch,” while “jing” refers to “essence.” In Chinese philosophy, Jing is considered a fundamental substance underlying organic life and a source of organic change. It is genetically inherited from parents and governs a person’s development. Jing is associated with organic movement and is considered less active and more Yin than Qi, but more active and more Yang than blood energy (xue).

So, while Fali pertains to the explosion of energy generated through coordinated body movement, Fajing refers to the release or emission of Qi energy, which is related to vital essence (Jing). Both concepts are important in internal martial arts and require proper practice to be developed and applied effectively.

Jin is associated with vitality, health, and longevity, and is considered a natural gift that should be preserved.

According to Taoist philosophy, ejaculation is seen as a significant loss of jin, as semen contains a large amount of vital energy (it has the power to create life). Frequent and uncontrolled ejaculation is believed to deplete jin and lead to a general weakening of the body and spirit.

The practice of semen retention is often associated with a discipline called “jingzuò” or “semen cultivation.” This practice involves avoiding ejaculation and channeling sexual energy to strengthen the body and mind. It is believed that semen retention can lead to greater vitality, improved health, enhanced mental concentration, and an overall sense of well-being.

Taoist philosophy encourages awareness of one’s energies and their wise utilization; ejaculation is seen as a waste of precious vital energy.

Avoiding the waste of sexual energy through frequent ejaculation is considered a way to preserve and nurture one’s jin, thus supporting a healthy and balanced life.

Cultivate Yin-Yang Balance: According to Taoism, balancing the Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energies is essential for sexual health. Strive to maintain a balance between energetic and relaxing activities in your daily life. The woman will manifest the Yin, teaching it to the man who, in turn, will manifest the Yang to share it with her. Each human being must comprehend Yin and Yang within themselves. Only by knowing how to perceive them can we manage and balance them.

Practice Dynamic QiGong: QiGong is an important element of daily practice. It helps calm the mind, relax the body, and connect with your body and sexuality more consciously.

Physical Exercise: Regular physical exercise is crucial for maintaining vital energy and promoting blood circulation. Engage in forms of physical exercise that stimulate your vitality, such as TuiShou, TaiJi, or moderate cardiovascular exercise.

Balanced Nutrition: Follow a balanced diet that includes nutritious and healthy foods. In general, increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Avoid excessive intake of fatty, sugary, or fried foods that can weigh down the body and negatively impact your sexual energy.

Maintain an Open Mind: In the context of sexuality, maintain an open mind and experiment with new experiences with the consent of your partner. Be communicative about your desires and fantasies, and attentively listen to those of your partner. You do not need to judge but rather embrace eros and the pursuit of pleasure, not to become enslaved to them, but to learn to understand the body and its bioenergy. The power of orgasm and sexual pleasure can be used for purposes of spiritual elevation, but first and foremost, it is necessary to break free from mental frameworks that bind us to cultural judgments. The very first step is to experience the power of one’s sensuality. The energy of the first Chakra is extremely important to manifest and transcend in favor of higher awareness.

Practice Sexual Mindfulness: Take time to explore your body and discover what brings you pleasure. Be present in the moment during sexual activity, focusing on the physical sensations and emotions that arise. Offer your body and abilities to your partner without prejudice and enter a state of meditation, seeking the peace of the senses.

Communication and Intimacy: The Kama Sutra, erotic communication, openness, and honesty with your partner are fundamental for maintaining a fulfilling sex life. Discuss your needs, desires, and fantasies, and work together to mutually satisfy them. There should be no secrets or taboos. Spiritual elevation also arises from understanding our animal and visceral instincts. To master the beast and transcend it, we must first encounter it and understand its nature. Through sex, we comprehend the union of duality, the union of two opposing yet complementary polarities.

Understand the difference between “loving sex,” “having sex for love,” and “making love.”

Understand that ejaculation itself is a kind of Fali, and learning to tame this explosive violence is vital for a Taoist. Learning the microcosmic orbit and utilizing what is called Kundalini in India is necessary for having a strong and long-lived body.

Remember that identification with the physical body and attachment to the “pleasures of life” are detrimental to a Taoist path. We must live through emotions but not become enslaved by them. We must transcend duality by learning to understand it. Therefore, experiences should bring us awareness and not dependency.

M.Davide De Santis