WingChun and QiGong Training

Do you want to enhance your mastery of Wing Chun and QiGong? Join our in-depth martial arts workshops, where you’ll have the opportunity to develop your skills in a comprehensive and engaging way. This course offers a unique combination of combat techniques and energetic practices to help you reach a higher level of awareness, strength, and agility.

What will you learn:

  • Harnessing your bodyweight:
    Learn how to effectively use your body weight to maximize the power of your movements and increase your strength.
  • Rooting:
    Dive deeper into grounding techniques that will stabilize your balance and enhance your stability during exercises and combat.
  • Mental and physical flexibility:
    Develop a flexible mind and body that can adapt quickly and effectively to different situations.
  • Protection of personal space:
    Learn how to strategically protect your personal space, maintaining complete control over your position and preventing opponents from closing in.
  • Proper force distribution:
    Acquire the ability to evenly distribute force throughout your body, increasing the power and effectiveness of your strikes.
  • Mind as the guide of the body:
    Discover how to flow your mind through your body, allowing it to manifest through your hands and strikes for greater precision and power.
  • Use of the diaphragm:
    Learn to utilize the diaphragm as the origin of your power, leveraging its movement to increase your strength and stability.
  • Relaxation and elasticity:
    Develop a deep awareness of your body’s relaxation and elasticity, enabling you to move with fluidity and responsiveness during your practices.
  • Self-defense:
    Gain the necessary skills to defend your body in dangerous situations, learning effective techniques and self-defense strategies.
  • Enhanced sensitivity:
    Sharpen your tactile and kinesthetic sensitivity to quickly and accurately perceive and respond to your opponent’s movements.
  • Strength enhancement:
    Through specific QiGong exercises, enhance your physical and energetic strength, improving your endurance and concentration.

In optional partner TuiShou sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to further deepen your skills:

  • Adaptation to external forces:
    Learn how to adapt to external forces, both physical and energetic, developing greater awareness of your body and mind. This skill will enable you to withstand pressure and strikes from your opponent.
  • Deprogramming impulses and instinctive reactions:
    Through specific exercises, learn to overcome impulses and instinctive reactions that often limit our actions. This will give you more control over your response to attacks, allowing for more rational and strategic decision-making.
  • Programming a new “reaction” pattern:
    Through consistent practice, you’ll acquire a new “reaction” pattern based on awareness and understanding of your opponent’s movements. This pattern will enable you to respond effectively and cohesively, anticipating attacks and exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses.
  • Adaptability:
    TuiShou will teach you how to adapt to different combat situations. You’ll gain the flexibility necessary to face opponents of varying stature, fighting styles, and skill levels, adjusting your tactics accordingly.
  • Timing:
    The course will help you develop impeccable timing, allowing you to capitalize on empty spaces and seize opportunities at the right moment. You’ll learn to read your opponent’s movements and react with precision, maximizing the effectiveness of your actions.
  • Emotional control:
    Through TuiShou training, you’ll gain better control over your emotions during physical confrontations. You’ll learn to stay calm, make rational decisions, and react with firmness and self-discipline, even under pressure.
  • Acceptance:
    One fundamental aspect of TuiShou is accepting the movement and force of your opponent. This will allow you to avoid unnecessary resistance and utilize your opponent’s energy to your advantage, capitalizing on their weaknesses and openings during combat.
  • Ingenuity:
    TuiShou demands a high level of cleverness and cunning. You’ll develop strategies and dynamics to solve problems as efficiently as possible.