Intuition and Connection

The Sixth Sense: The Intuition that Precedes the Future and the Universal Connection to Infinity

Unlocking Intuition and Universal Connection: In life, there are moments when the meaning of what is happening around us goes beyond rationality and reveals itself through intuition. This sixth sense, which allows us to understand future events and establish a deep connection with the subtle forces that surround us, is a precious gift in the path of the TuiShou practitioner, the two-person game of TaiChi Quan. Through the opening of the Sixth Chakra-Third Eye, the sixth sense develops, allowing us to perceive reality with a glance, a thought, or an empathetic gesture.

According to many people who have experienced unusual moments and moments of danger, humans may be able to predict, adapt, and react to an imminent phenomenon, as if sensing what is about to happen. This ability is connected to a collective intelligence of the air, a giant aura that encompasses the individual auras of each being. When we are connected with ourselves and relaxed, we can sense the messages and information from the other individual auras within this giant aura. We can perceive if something strange is happening and notice the emotional shift and vibrational change in other people before the phenomenon becomes visible to us.

Humans may possess a faculty that allows them to predict the future, albeit to a small extent, in order to protect themselves. This faculty may be a manifestation of the instinct for survival or a divine sense that we still do not fully understand. It is what we call the sixth sense, an innate ability to sense that something is about to happen. Through preparing the mind and body for the imminent future, we can react in the most appropriate way before the event becomes present.

Our mutual connection and the practice of meditation enable us to access a state of deep mental relaxation, allowing us to perceive the emotions of others and sometimes enter a sort of time distortion. We can see and “feel” situations that have not yet occurred but are imminent.

The sixth sense is not necessarily linked to sensory organs. Its origin remains mysterious, but its manifestation is real. In internal martial arts like TuiShou, there are more esoteric exercises that allow the practitioner to control and become aware of their own body. Through these advanced exercises, one learns to predict the opponent’s movements by intercepting their intention to act. This develops a sensitivity that approaches that of the sixth sense. As soon as one of the two thinks about a movement, the other has already intercepted and blocked it at its inception. In this way, vision becomes more foresighted, and the “third eye” has the opportunity to stimulate and train itself.

Through the Macrocosmic Orbit QiGong, we can expand our consciousness and acquire information from the external world, from the giant aura. We can know things that we would not otherwise perceive with just our eyes.

The human body is a marvel of surprises. Some alchemists argue that consciousness, in addition to receiving information from the giant aura, can be refined and enhanced to the point of making contact with the Akasha. This allows us to access unlimited information and approach the state of demi-gods. Akasha is the quintessence, a cosmic consciousness plane that serves as an archive. It is an eternal, imperceptible, and pervasive physical substance, beyond space and time. It represents an eternal memory that encompasses the past and future in a single eternal moment. Akasha is a record of all past and future situations, thoughts, emotions, words, intentions, and actions of every individual. It is a universal intelligence that comes close to us but is at the same time difficult to perceive. Some compare it to the “Book of Life” described in the Bible.

TuiShou is an exercise that stimulates sensitive perceptions through the sixth sense. It is the first step in activating the sixth Chakra and is a means to enter the world of mystical contemplation, going beyond the martial aspect of pure self-defense. In the Taoist arts of B.Y.T.C. and XinShen, everything begins and ends with ZhanZhuang, a practice that leads to complete personal transformation.

M.Davide De Santis