Astral Travel Exploration

Taoist Techniques and Inner Harmony

Exploring techniques for “out-of-body experience” and astral travel is a field of research for alchemists belonging to various esoteric philosophies and religions worldwide, including Taoism.

However, it is important to note that if a person is imbalanced and in disharmony with themselves, they will never be able to authentically and naturally experience these phenomena. According to Taoism, it is essential for the harmonious flow of vital energy, known as Qi, to open the doors to these experiences. If a person’s chakras are not in harmony and Qi does not flow freely within the body, the experience will be compromised. Therefore, before undertaking such practices, it is important to work on inner harmony.

Despite these experiences appearing as “magical techniques,” Taoism considers them an intrinsic quality of human beings, accessible to all. However, due to the “obstacles” that cloud the practitioner’s mind, heart, and ego, these experiences can be extremely challenging to achieve. These “obstacles” represent fears, selfish desires, and internal illusions that imprison the individual and make personal development an unnatural process.

It is important to understand that access to these “faculties” is normal, but attempting to reach them through the “Force” of the ego can have negative consequences. It is preferable to approach these experiences with a calm mental state and a prepared body and mind. Additionally, having an experienced guide can be of great help.

A fundamental aspect of experiencing an out-of-body experience is to purify thoughts and control sexual impulses and obsessive thoughts, which influence a significant portion of our actions. This entails nourishing the energy of the “Lower Chakras” and using it to fuel the “Upper Chakras.” Through this practice, one can purify the mind within a harmonious and healthy body, where Qi flows correctly in all meridians without disharmony or blockages. At this point, the experience of astral projection will become a natural consequence of inner well-being, no longer an objective to be achieved through effort and “techniques.” It will no longer be necessary to rely on “Force” to reach this state, and when one finds oneself in that moment, it will be a natural and tranquil experience: we will be ready.

The body positions that facilitate the appropriate state for the out-of-body experience can vary and require the study of Shili since it is always the mind (Yi) that moves vital energy (Qi) and thus the astral body outside the “physical body.” Lying positions are similar to standing while flying. Therefore, the body must be completely relaxed, but at the same time, there must be significant movement of Yi and Qi within the body. Without an understanding of the concept of YangShenGong, which involves integrating and cultivating vital energy, it will be difficult to enter the appropriate state for “taking off.” As in ZhanZhuang, a static standing meditation practice, the body is immobile, but the mind (Yi) is in motion.

Points to Pay Attention to:

Point 1: Mental and Physical Preparation

Find a quiet and comfortable environment for sleep, minimizing distractions. Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or meditation to calm the mind. Maintain a positive, open, and confident mental state regarding your potential for astral travel.

Point 2: Working on Dream Memory

Keep a dream journal and write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. This will help develop greater awareness of your dream states. Focus on lucidity during dreams, practicing to recognize signs that indicate you are dreaming. Practice visualization and vivid imagination during the day to train your mind to create detailed mental images.

Point 3: Astral Induction Techniques

Find a comfortable sleeping position, preferably on your back, with relaxed arms and legs. Before falling asleep, mentally repeat a clear and positive affirmation or intention such as “I am about to experience conscious astral travel.” Use the “out-of-body” technique by imagining yourself floating out of your physical body, visualizing every detail of the process with intensity. Maintain calmness and focus as your mind approaches the dream state, avoiding being overwhelmed by sensations or emotions.

Point 4: Managing Astral Experiences

During astral travel, maintain a calm and objective awareness. Do not be frightened by what you encounter. Explore and observe the surrounding environment, experiencing the freedom of movement and a sense of lightness. Interact with elements in the astral environment, such as people, objects, or landscapes, to deepen your experience. Practice control over astral travel, such as modifying the appearance of the environment or moving from one place to another with your intention.

Point 5: Returning to the Physical Body

When you are ready to end the astral travel, focus your attention on your physical body and visualize yourself returning to it safely and gently. Gradually shift your awareness to your real body’s breath and movement while maintaining a sense of calmness and gratitude for the just-experienced journey. Record your experiences and reflect on them, using the dream journal to note the key details and insights you have gained.

M. Davide De Santis