Power of the Human Body


Masaru Emoto’s Experiment: Dr. Emoto conducted a very interesting experiment. He placed rice in three glasses and filled them with water. Every day for a month, he said “thank you” to the first glass, “you’re stupid” to the second, and simply ignored the third…

The effects on each glass were completely different. Dr. Emoto, by demonstrating this tangible experiment, teaches us to take care of children…

The energies we emit in the form of thought and attention, although not visible to the eyes or tangible to the touch, are inherently real as they shape the vibrations they connect with. The practitioner of internal arts has the ability to connect their internal elements to the external elements (e.g., the heart to fire and the kidneys to water) through “simple” vibrational agreements that bring the cell back to its exact primordial frequency for living well and in harmony with the cosmos.

When thought takes form, matter undergoes its consequences. The mind influences matter and the sensory reality that the brain perceives. Through internal disciplines, we can redefine the information of our being and significantly improve our psychophysical qualities, ultimately reconnecting to the core of the soul and breaking all patterns… To find ourselves, we must first defeat the monsters and overcome the limitations we have created ourselves! A great piece of advice is to practice daily to gradually restore new memory to the body, ultimately and positively changing the energetic vibration.

This concept is rooted in Eastern philosophy, which emphasizes the interconnection between mind, body, and the universe.

Recognizing the influence of our thoughts and intentions on the reality that surrounds us allows us to explore the transformative potential of our being.

The concept of “primordial frequency” invokes the idea that everything in the universe vibrates at a specific energetic frequency, and seeking alignment with a harmonious frequency can lead to a state of balance and well-being.
The challenge of defeating “monsters and barriers” represents a metaphor for self-imposed limits that often hold us back from reaching our full potential. Through awareness and practice, we can overcome these barriers and free ourselves from mental and emotional constraints.

Gradual and persistent change is emphasized as a path to lasting and meaningful transformation, compared to sudden or superficial changes.

Daily practice is a commitment that allows us to solidify new mental and energetic patterns over time.

Unlocking the Power of the Human Body

The human body possesses self-healing abilities that can manifest even in severe pathological conditions. Scientifically defined as spontaneous healing, this phenomenon seems to have as its anatomophysiological substrate the hypothalamic-pituitary-immune system axis. It appears to be responsible, under certain circumstances, for the production of hormones and molecules that promote self-healing. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is the science that provides evidence for these phenomena.

The favorable conditions for the release of molecules such as cytokines, serotonin, dopamine are activated through the limbic system and strengthened by a creative mental state, high self-esteem, prayer, as well as the elimination of excessive food intake and the abuse of harmful substances, etc.

Is the brain capable of creating all the necessary conditions to detect, confront, and resolve bodily disorders, even the most serious ones? It seems so, and it appears that this phenomenon can be activated through immune mechanisms and appropriate secretions. The Western world, with its way of thinking, attributes certain extraordinary and inexplicable healings to miraculous factors. Although defined as spontaneous healing, it is actually a phenomenon that is beginning to find answers from PNI and, essentially, seems to activate certain chemical substances, neurotransmitters. PNI is the acronym for psychoneuroendocrineimmunology, a discipline that studies the interrelationships between the psyche, immune system, endocrine system, and nervous system, as well as how they mutually influence each other. Thanks to PNI and its scientific approach, many theories that tend to fragment the human being have been debunked, theories that have found space, consideration, and protection in conventional medicine. The release of neurotransmitters occurs continuously and is influenced by countless factors: our mental state primarily, the tendency to remain positive even in critical conditions, lifestyle, and emotional experiences. For example, being skeptical about one’s abilities, having low self-esteem and inner resources, weakens the self-healing phenomenon in the same way as indiscriminate use of drugs and/or abuse of harmful substances. It is worth mentioning a study conducted at Harvard Medical School in Boston, published in 2002, which suggests that prayer, particularly the recitation of the rosary or a repeated mantra, has the ability to regulate blood pressure and heart rate. In fact, it has been demonstrated that these practices tend to lower the tone of the sympathetic nervous system in favor of activating the parasympathetic system, leading to the release of hormones such as serotonin (the happiness hormone), dopamine, endorphins, and cytokines. Neurotransmitter substances such as cytokines and serotonin activate the indispensable immune defenses of the body. In addition to prayers or mantras, the production of these molecules is increased by the reactive capacity that our body is capable of and by creativity, love, sports, sex, and the practice of art. This process can be said to originate from the noblest and most unknown organ of the human body, the brain, and it is from the brain that our ability not to get sick derives. It makes me think about how wrong the lifestyle adopted by us Westerners is and the wrong direction in which our lives are being pushed, away from our inner selves, from listening to our primary needs, in favor of an existence that can be described as superficial at best. It is natural, then, to consider physical symptoms as a nuisance to be eradicated and the body that manifests them as a foolish mechanical instrument to be repaired as quickly as possible, a vehicle that hampers and slows down our daily rhythms. What blindness! Just think that in the presence of symptoms such as fever or a common cold, they are immediately suppressed by taking the first available medication through self-medication. The potential for self-healing seems to occur specifically through the mediation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-immune system axis. Georg Groddeck, a physician and psychoanalyst, the father of modern psychosomatics, described in the early 1900s the abilities of the human body to heal itself following an illness. Groddeck believed that the knots to be untied to defeat the disease were located in the rational part of the brain, which had to be downsized to allow vital energy (ES) to emerge and heal us. In his beautiful book “NASAMECU,” the Hippocratic acronym for nature cures the physician, Groddeck provides all the indications aimed at this purpose. The author observes that self-healing is possible through downsizing the ego in favor of the vital energy (ES), which is present within each of us and operates the coordination of all cells, continuously rebuilding the body, defending us from attacks, and healing us.

This principle, far ahead of its time, is an initial form of “scientific” reading that also proposes a unified or, as we would say today, holistic view of man. The ego, also known as the IO, is the product of a dominant superficial culture, blind to diversity, and seeks to make us conform and fit into the system. The IO is reinforced by commonplaces, daily routines, and all those conditions that push us towards unnatural directions, which will eventually lead to illness. Each illness represents not only a disruption of our life story but also a strong call from our inner intelligence asking us to restore homeostasis and therefore health. Often, discomfort itself is the solution: all we need to do is bring the signals that the body sends back into focus, listen to its sensations, and be more aware of them. Many signals are ignored or suppressed, but they are signals denouncing a disharmony that goes beyond the body itself. PNI scientifically demonstrates what Groddeck theorized. The psyche with its processes, thoughts, consciousness, and emotions are coexistent elements in every nervous, endocrine, and immune process. Everything, therefore, originates from the mind, particularly from the limbic area, the seat of emotions and instinctual behaviors. Within the limbic area, afferences from all organs continuously converge. David Servan-Schreiber of the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, states that the “emotional brain” possesses two natural mechanisms of self-repair. These are innate abilities to restore balance and well-being, comparable to the healing of a wound. Furthermore, the limbic area is the control center for vital functions such as respiration, heartbeat, libido, sleep, blood pressure, hormone secretion, and immune response.

  1. What hinders the self-healing process?
  2. What, on the other hand, promotes it?
  3. Is this the basis of the placebo effect?

Certainly, the first question can be answered by stating that the primary obstacle for our internal healer is the rational brain. The IO, that is, our beliefs, mental patterns, cerebral nature, mental rumination, way of thinking, false goals and/or projects imposed on us, beliefs, and actions in reality, orient us towards rigid operability linked to daily contingencies. This promotes a misalignment between the two brains, generating a state of chaos and disharmony in the body’s biochemistry. The IO is incapable of perceiving and addressing real sensations and needs. The predominance of the rational brain over the limbic brain creates conditions for the establishment of a neurochemical balance typical of anxiety or panic attacks.

How many depressions, panic attacks, or anxiety states could find a solution if only we were oriented towards listening to our own needs? These common psychosomatic manifestations are supported by hyperactivity of the autonomic nervous system, particularly the sympathetic branch. It’s not just anxiety and panic attacks! Stress and excessive self-control produce the same molecules that weaken our health system. Cortisol (the stress hormone), adrenaline, and free radicals are responsible for weakening the immune, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal systems when produced excessively and over a prolonged period. They also cause a reduction in white blood cells, as well as an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, predisposing individuals to a higher risk of frequent viral or bacterial illnesses, as well as increasing the risk factors for stroke or myocardial infarction. It is possible to move away from these dangers through the “reprogramming” of our mental activity: being in tune with our needs and ourselves, being free to express emotions, laugh, meditate, experience fulfilling sexuality, cultivate interests and passions, be creative, engage in preferred sports, which promote health and enhance self-esteem, happiness, and empathy.

These three conditions are beloved by our plastic brain, which produces happiness and health substances: endorphins, serotonin, dopamine, cytokines, lymphokines. The second question can find an answer in the theory proposed by researcher Enzo Soresi. The researcher, author of “The Anarchic Brain” (UTET), suggests the theory of “charismatic shock.” According to this theory, Soresi theorizes about the spontaneous remission experienced by some individuals during severe and well-established illnesses. Let’s define what charismatic shock is: according to the author, it is “a profound change in the mental state of a person when they encounter a highly charismatic individual.” The book mentions a case of a farmer afflicted with melanoma who recovered after an encounter with Mother Teresa of Calcutta. It is undeniable that humans possess this resource, and it is evidenced in this case, as well as in many other inexplicable healings. The same placebo effect is hypothetically attributable to a biochemical modification of the brain generated by the patient’s trust in the medication. While clear evidence regarding the placebo effect is lacking, the most significant example in scientific literature is the comparison between the pain-relieving effect produced by morphine and that produced by water administered to patients unaware of the switch. Data shows that pain disappears in 60% of the placebo group.

While conventional medicine labels the placebo effect as a process of self-suggestion, the hope is to delve deeper, gain comprehensive knowledge in this promising research field, and unveil the intimate and marvelous secrets of self-healing.

Today, we are witnessing numerous changes that influence human life on our wonderful planet. These changes have led to an increase in Earth and Sun temperatures, melting glaciers, and a reduction in the Earth’s magnetic field with a shifting of the magnetic poles. Mother Earth is a unique, living, dynamic, intelligent entity, a network of connections and relationships. Everything is interconnected, and each vibration is linked to another. Understanding this means feeling part of the Whole and taking responsibility for what happens every day because every thought, every emotion, every action, and every choice we make has effects that propagate in the individual and the collective as humanity, where each individual is intimately connected to the other.

The studies and experiments of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist and researcher, show us that water is alive and conscious, and it absorbs the energetic vibration of its environment, responding with beautiful and harmonious crystals to vibrations of love and gratitude in the form of words, sounds, emotions, and thoughts. On the contrary, when exposed to negative vibrations, water does not form any crystals. This scientific evidence, demonstrated through microscope photographs of crystals formed during the freezing of water, becomes profound awareness when we decide to live with our hearts and embark on an inner journey in Truth and Love. A healthier and more authentic life can be created by shifting our consciousness from the mind to the heart. When love flows among conscious souls, it begins to grow and expand, eventually pouring out to all of humanity. Today, we know the effects of the immense power of prayer and the collective focus of an increasing number of people. Today, we are aware that the unconditional love emanating from our hearts is the key to raising the awareness of every human being. Love opens the doors to change in our lives, helping the greatness within us to emerge, and brings the project of our souls to manifest in the Freedom of Being and in harmony with Mother Earth and all living beings.

M.Davide De Santis and SegniDalCielo