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Creating Your Own Form

The Path of Harmony and Freedom – Understanding Principles and Creating Your Own Form Principles of TaiJiQuan: some of you keep asking me whether it’s better to practice the XinShen form that I teach, the Chen-style TaijiQuan, or perhaps the Yang-style TaijiQuan. I constantly reiterate to everyone that these forms are all beautiful and useful […]

Unlocking the Power of Intuition

Is it right to rush time? The Taoist principle of not skipping steps and taking the right steps at the right time offers a valuable perspective for understanding the importance of a gradual and conscious approach in our lives. In Taoism, the concept of flowing with the natural stream of the universe is emphasized, embracing […]

Intuition in Alpha Mental State

The Art of Acting Without Thinking and Intuition in Alpha Mental State: A Path to Enlightenment The spiritual journey towards self-improvement and inner enlightenment is a fascinating experience that can offer profound insights both scientifically and spiritually. As we navigate the modern world, we often find ourselves trapped in excessive analysis and rationalization of our […]

The Third Eye

Exploring the Intersection of Science and Philosophy The act of directing one’s thoughts towards someone or something actually involves sending attention, conscious intention, energy, and a part of one’s astral body. This concept is similar to what occurs in prayer. Traditionally, in the Western world, thoughts have been considered abstract, produced by the brain on […]

Yiquan and the Spiritual Connection

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Pineal Gland Yiquan and the Pineal Gland: The pineal gland transcends its conventional understanding in Western medicine, aligning with the beliefs held by ancient philosophers and still upheld by Asian Buddhists and Taoists. They regarded the pineal gland as the locus of the spirit and recognized that the path to […]

The Pineal Gland

Bridging the Gap Between Matter and Soul in Descartes’ Philosophy The sixth Chakra is the energy emanated from the Pineal gland…but the Pineal gland is pure matter…but what is matter if not molecular vibration driven by an unknown force…according to Descartes, the body and the immaterial soul, the principle of thought and will, are separate […]

Unveiling the Illusion

  The Erosion of Authentic Yoga and Martial Arts In contemporary Western society, we often witness a phenomenon where some individuals delude themselves into thinking they are superior to others simply because they practice yoga. However, it is crucial to understand that outward appearance and vanity are not what defines true spiritual practice. A critical […]

Course Agenda by M. De Santis

ZhanZhuang, TaiJiQuan and WingChun – Course Agenda by Maestro De Santis ZhanZhuang Instructor Training: Duration: An 8-session training program per year. When and Where: Lucerne (Switzerland): Every first Sunday of each month starting from November (in January, it will be the second Sunday). Any changes in dates will be communicated to registered participants after November […]

Lezioni e Workshop in Italia

Agenda Corsi del Maestro De Santis Formazione Istruttore di ZhanZhuang: Durata: Percorso formativo di 8 incontri all’anno. Quando e dove: Lucerna (Swiss): Ogni prima domenica di ogni mese a partire da novembre (a gennaio sarà la seconda domenica). Eventuali modifiche di date saranno comunicate agli iscritti dopo novembre e nel momento stesso dell’iscrizione. Tra l’altro […]

“QiGong Genitale”- TaoSex

Trasformare l’ energia sessuale in energia vitale e l’energia vitale in energia spirituale. “Imparare a non eiaculare grazie all’orbita microcosmica e agli esercizi della zona pelvica” L’arte millenaria del QiGong, originaria della Cina, si svela in tutta la sua affascinante bellezza attraverso una vasta gamma di pratiche che uniscono movimenti lenti, respirazione consapevole e concentrazione […]

Genital QiGong – Sexual Energy

The Ancient Art of QiGong: Unveiling the Fascinating Beauty of Genital QiGong Transform sexual energy into vital energy and vital energy into spiritual energy. “Learn not to ejaculate through the microcosmic orbit and pelvic zone exercises.” The millennia-old art of QiGong, originating from China, reveals its captivating beauty through a wide range of practices that […]

Amore incondizionato

la necessità di essere equilibrati ed essere in grado di amare in modo incondizionato. Gli amici possono sicuramente essere una fonte di supporto e conforto, ma se diventano la sola fonte di felicità, allora c’è un problema. L’auto-introspezione è fondamentale per comprendere le proprie emozioni e i propri bisogni, che sono alla base di ogni […]